What is Sin-Gria?

Sin-Gria is a modern take on the quintessential batched cocktail, Sangria. We make it with our award-winning craft Rum, a California Cabernet, pomegranate, and various citrus flavors. It is lightly carbonated for a little fizz so you can serve it in a pilsner glass or champagne flute for your fancy-pants friends, pour it over ice, or just chug it out of the can like I do.

Dan Davis
Founder, Distiller, Yeast Wrangler
Sebago Lake Distillery Gardiner, Maine

About Us

About us? It’s pretty simple really. A bartender, an engineer, and a Rum distiller walk into a bar… or better yet, into a distillery. The obvious and inevitable result is a cocktail in a can. We’ve been working on this for a very long time because to do something like this and to do it well is no small feat.

Sin-Gria is the result of a lot of hard work by a lot of good people. I don’t feel like I need to add a sales pitch here because I’m 100% confident that if you get out there and try one of these, you’ll be back for more.

Tastefully Sinful


[cin] noun
1. something that is fun and makes you feel good


[gri-a|gree-ah] adjective
1. in a can

There’s no comprehensive list of what is and isn’t a sin, but we can all agree that we know a sin when we see, hear, or in this case, taste one. Sin-Gria tastes too good to not be a sin.

Our Team

Dan Davis


Dan is a co-founder and lead distiller at Sebago Lake Distillery. Dan is responsible for
what is inside the can and how it gets there. Dan has a lot of experience on both sides
of the bar so mixing up a great tasting cocktail is second nature.

Karen Nason


Karen had the original idea for Sin-Gria and despite the many challenges of the trademarking process, never gave up. Karen is a veteran of the entertainment industry and a restauranteur. Karen currently operates two businesses, the Grand Central Wine Bar and Karen’s Ghost Kitchen, both located in Gorham, Maine.

Jenn Howe


Jenn has worked on many Sebago Lake Distillery projects and is currently leading the effort to develop the imaging for Sin-Gria branding across all platforms. Jenn is a veteran designer and has worked on many large projects for national firms. The Sin-Gria brand is extremely popular and we’re very lucky to have Jenn on board.

Have you ever wondered what’s inside the can?

Wonder no more!

We all know that Sin-Gria contains our Sebago Lake Distillery Rum, Grape Wine, Sparkling Water, and Natural Flavors, but we have broken down the nutritional facts for you.

Sin-Gria Drink Nutritional information