What is Sin-Gria?

Sin-Gria is a modern take on the quintessential batched cocktail, Sangria. We make it with our award-winning craft Rum, a California Cabernet, pomegranate, and various citrus flavors. It is lightly carbonated for a little fizz so you can serve it in a pilsner glass or champagne flute for your fancy-pants friends, pour it over ice, or just chug it out of the can like I do.

Dan Davis
Founder, Distiller, Yeast Wrangler
Sebago Lake Distillery Gardiner, Maine

About Us

About us? It’s pretty simple really. A bartender, an engineer, and a Rum distiller walk into a bar… or better yet, into a distillery. The obvious and inevitable result is a cocktail in a can. We’ve been working on this for a very long time because to do something like this and to do it well is no small feat.

Sin-Gria is the result of a lot of hard work by a lot of good people. I don’t feel like I need to add a sales pitch here because I’m 100% confident that if you get out there and try one of these, you’ll be back for more.

Tastefully Sinful


[cin] noun
1. something that is fun and makes you feel good


[gri-a|gree-ah] adjective
1. in a can

There’s no comprehensive list of what is and isn’t a sin, but we can all agree that we know a sin when we see, hear, or in this case, taste one. Sin-Gria tastes too good to not be a sin.